a (walking)


What is a place?

I no one asks me, I know what it is.

If someone asks me, I no longer know

inspired by St. Augustine

Welcome to walk with me

a photo essay constructed by observations during walks in the area of Hampstead Garden Suburb

© Åse Vikse 2021

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The social mirror

in response to M L Ukeles

Walking is not separate from life. It is one.

an ode to Lee Krasner

Andy Goldsworthy

is that you?

The future library

lies in the suburb

a Long path

A Walker in collaboration with Morning Dew

Love at first site

after Myerscough

Homes for Suburbs

after Dan Graham

Inside is peaceful land

inspired by Jones

Neighbourhoods … a turbulent amalgam of best and worst:

solidarity and violence; generosity and theft;

warm hearts and cold houses.

Foster cited in Mitchell 2021

Wittgenstein's hytte

in little Wood

She's the One

an ode to Henrietta

A unity of man, culture and nature

a wise man's constructions may overshadowed by his wisdom

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In the darkness all shadows are grey

in the night, all sounds become louder

Two forms, one language

an ode to Barbara

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When worlds collide, 2021

after Orr

'I will make something of myself'

inspired by Modersohn-Becker

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Thank you for joining my walk through the Garden Suburb

now pause, and reflect,

press play – composition: Egill Bjarni Helgason Vikse © 2021