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On This Day…

…105 years ago (1918) women over the age of 30 got the right to vote i the United Kingdom. Although, only those who meet minimum property qualifications.

…30 years ago (1993), the Sámi National Day was marked for the first time. Ten years later, in 2003, the day officially became a national flag-flying day in Norway. Lihkku beivviin!

…76 years ago (1947), Ellen Wilkinson (MP) died. Wilkinson, known as 'red Ellen', was a British Labour party politician who came from a working-class background in Manchester and went to serve in Churchilll's WWII coalition, became an MP for Middlesborough, later for Jarrow and finally the Minister for Education. She was a socialist and feminist, but is perhaps most known for her role as one of the crusaders from Jarrow who marched 291 mi / 468 km from their hometown to the capitol.

I have chosen to portray Ellen Wilkinson as this year's pioneer woman.

På denne dag…

…for 105 år siden (1918) fekk kvinner over 30 år stemmerett i Storbritannia. Men, berre dei som kunne oppfylla minimum eigedomskvalifikasjonar.

…for 30 år sidan (1993) vart den samiske nasjonaldagen markert for første gong. Ti år seinare, i 2003, vart dagen offisielt ein nasjonal flagdag i Noreg.

Lihkku beivviin!

…for 76 år sidan (1947) døydde Ellen Wilkinson (MP). Wilkinson, kjend som 'red Ellen', var ei britisk arbeiderpartipolitikar som kom frå arbeidarklassebakgrunn i Manchester og tente i Churchillls andre verdskrig-koalisjon, vart parlamentsmedlem for Middlesborough, seinere for Jarrow, og til sist utdanningsministeren. Ho var sosialist og feminist, men er kanskje mest kjend for si rolle som ei av 'korsfarerane' frå bydelen Jarrow som marsjerte 468 km frå heimstaden til hovedstaden.

Eg har valgt å portrettera Ellen Wilkinson som årets pionerkvinne.

Ellen Wilkinson
Image: Ellen, seen sitting on the far right among all the men. Tides of History on Twitter 'One of Labour's pioneering working class women MPs, she rose to prominence during the Jarrow March in the 1930s - before becoming the Education Minister after 1945' (

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