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#stealmyideas was my entry for creative conscience's 2019 award and went on to be shortlisted.

i aimed to encourage everyone to live more sustainable lives. to make more conscious, sustainable choices in their everyday lives. none of us can save the planet alone (unless you're greta thunberg), however,

all of us can make small changes, which together can make a difference and a great impact.

i wanted to emphasise encouragement, rather than discipline. to complement, rather than to criticise.

i wanted people to not only share their sustainable ideas, i also wanted them to copy them, adapt them – to steal them! stealing someone else's ideas is not necessarily a good thing, unless you can use it in a positive way.

i illustrated the shared ideas – made them into animated gifs – in order for people to share them with others. in that way, we could potentially reach out to more people than if i simply posted an image myself.

use social media for what it's worth, (especially) if it's for a good cause.

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