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'Tokens of HGS' (2023)

Medium: Paper clay and found object,

Imprint of feathers on paper clay positioned in a golden frame.

Size: 45,5x68,5 (x ca3) cm


Note! This piece is very fragile and will therefore not be delivered via mail. Get in touch to require delivery.


'tokens of HGS' is a three-dimensional wall-hung piece. The composition contains an assemblage of paper clay tokens framed in gold. The fragile tokens are both shaped from, and imprinted by, feathers found during walks in and around Hampstead Garden Suburb. The frame was found in nearby Golders Green and suggests contrasting opposites when composed with the tokens. Walking and found objects are key elements in this piece with the components representing both tangible material witnesses and intangible memories. 'Token of HGS' addresses myriads of walks, the circular movement of the wanderer, and the still position of retrospect and reflecting, while questioning the valuation of ignored and seemingly valueless objects, moments and appearance.

Tokens of HGS (2023)

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