curriculum vitae

i am proud to say i have done all sorts of things in life, from working in a kitchen to being a glassblower's assistant. the greatest lesson learned is that you'll learn something from absolutely everything you do in life. don't look at your work as boring or bad, but rather -what can i learn from this, will it make me wiser or stronger?

if not, go search elsewhere. the world is your playground.

• farmer's assistant

i grew up on a farm, and our neighbour kept hens -you were supposed to help out when needed.

what you got in return was the love of animals, nature, fresh produce on the table every day

and proper manners.

• cafe waitress

when i moved to bergen in my late teen's to study, the volunteer-based student house "the academic quarter" was a great way to meet new people, get student discount in a too expensive norway and stay up too late on school nights.
yes and also learn how to make delicious cappuccinos.

• deli assistant

my first proper job was during a summer break at a deli where my uncle worked. having that on my cv led to yet another job as deli assistant in bergen.
it's probably not many vegetarians that have dealt with as much fresh meat and fish as i have.

• kitchen assistant

the above jobs also helped me to get this job, not so much meat here though. at a bakery/pastry shop in bergen they needed an assistant in their kitchen to make sandwiches, omelettes, salads and those popular scandinavian smörgåsbords and that became me. i probably hold some record in making the most omelettes in the shortes amount of time.

• glassblower's assistant

the places life will take you can be surprising, interesting, challenging and amazing. to get the opportunity to work as a glassblowers assistant was all of those. not only is it enormously fascinating to see something being created from a pile of glowing hot glass, but i was also allowed to explore my own skills in this rare hand craft.
i wouldn't be without this experience for the world.

• graphic designer | advertising bearau

getting a job as a graphic designer after two years of studying this profession was so exciting. just getting your own mac in your own office -i was so proud! my job was to put together advertising leaflets and assist the other graphic designers.

• salesperson | craft shop

when i noticed that they wanted a salesperson in my favourite craft store in bergen, there wasn't really much to consider. i applied and got the job the same day. their sister store on one of the islands outside of bergen also needed help and soon they also started as a retailer of yarn. this was a great success and soon the business expanded. during my five years of working here i gained a lot of knowledge in different aspects of this business -a broad knowledge of our well-assorted products ranging from different paper qualities, jewellery, art and paint suppliances, equipment for sewing, crocheting, felting and knitting but also costumer service, and getting to meet so many crafters and learn from what they did. the elderly women who spent so many hours (and money) to make beautiful embroidered tablecloths for the local raffle, the ones that wanted to learn how to knit their own sweater, the young girl who spent all her pocket money to buy things to create something and the lovely old man who just popped in to have someone to chat to, and wish them a good day.